Monday, August 5, 2013

EGOtalk: Throw Away the Ugly Past and Make Room for the Good Stuff!

Hi Egos! I've been very busy lately with all the unpacking and vacations We are very slowly making progress because there is just too much to do :D

Anyways out new apartment is a big upgrade to my sister's and my lives. It means more privacy for each of us. It feels like we now have a grown up place that will allow us to live real adult lives (I sound so young even though I'm turning 22 in two weeks -.-") :D

However every new beginning also makes you leave the useless stuff behind. Going through my closet I found a couple of things that I shall finally get rid off. 

I thought these shoes were so fashionable but they're not comfortable and I haven't worn them more than once. So they will be kicked out!

Since there were also good times in the past you might want to remember some of them and keep the positive memory alive. Going through my things I also found a couple of itmes that I had entirely forgotten!

I got this teddy bear during my time in France =)

It's also a time for new resolutions! I'm not one to make resolutions on New Year's Eve. I just try to improve myself whenever I feel that it's time for it ;-)

I always wanted to rock this bag and now I will finally do so!

I loved that bag but work and school force me to carry so many things that I need the big bags :D 

Now with me being such a fan of everything pretty I couldn't waste this fresh beginning to buy a couuple of new things. Apart from the ugly necessities like a broom and stuff like that I also bought this cute little mirror. This is just one of the accessories I plan to get for my new home!

I'm so excited about the future and have so much motivation to improve myself yet again! I want to be a bit more mature but also a lot braver than I am right now. Making a clean cut and starting over should help me reach that goal right? :D

C U Egos
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