Wednesday, August 7, 2013

EGOtalk: Silly Expectations of Men?!

Hi Egos, this one's for the ladies and I guess gay guys out there! I just have to share my emotional state of the last couple of months with you.

So we all had a crush in our lives at some point, right? It was that one guy from kindergarden or the cute classmate in school, maybe even the part time worker in your favourite  restaurant? However that was ages ago when we were inexperienced in the field of love. What happens if you have a crush on somebody when you're already grown up? Some people brush it off, some people go crazy. I'm part of the latter.

The object of my affection is this guy right here:

Do I need to explain in how many ways he's gorgeous?

It's Joe Manganiello. Does it matter that I don't know how to pronounce his last name? Not at all :D So what do I mean when I say I went crazy over this crush? I'm saying that I kind of lost touch with reality. I started looking for this kind of guy. Suddenly my type became the tall, dark, muscular guy that constantly runs around in flannel shirts and old jeans.

I mean he probably has an amazing personality. I don't really know him in person but I can see it all in his eyes (no I can't but it sounds like a good excuse, doesn't it?)

After half a year and a summer break from True Blood - where he plays a werewolf that's naked most of the time - I've finally calmed down a bit. I still feel that he is my ideal type and that we will meet eventually. He will then of course realize how perfect we are together and marry me :D

Actually it's not that crazy to expect a man to look like him. After all he exists so there must be tons of other men out there who look just like him considering that there are so many people on our planet...  I have a feeling that I could be lucky in Texas. A guy with a ranch must own a lot of flannel shirts :D

Who was your last crush?

C U Egos!
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