Monday, August 19, 2013

Crazy Birthday Recap

Hi Egos, as promised in my last post I shall now share all the things that have been going on in the past three days.

What do you think of the blond me? We had our birthday guests put on this wig and take a photo :D The results are quite hilarious!

So Friday was my actual birthday. I went to work because I didn't see a point in not going. Fridays are usually shorter than other workdays. So that was fine. I prepared my grandmother's coconut-honey-cake. (I could do a tutorial on that one if you like :D) and my colleagues went crazy over it! They litterally threatened to take my life if I didn't hand over the recipe.

I also got these presents from my colleagues! The cactus is for earrings and the other one is a coupon for IKEA. Both are quite handy ;-)

After work I met my friend that came to Berlin for our birthday party. We went for some Sushi and cake to my sister's workplace. I was so stuffed but it was all so goooooood. ;-)

The next day was filled with a cleaning marathon! We had guests coming for our party but there were still so many boxes in the way. We unpacked as much as we could and moved the rest in my room. We also had to go grocery shopping and I can proudly say that we didn't go too crazy. We stayed in our budget but still got everything we needed. That was still far too much to carrie though. So we did what everybody would do I guess. We took the cart home.

Tequila, Vodka, Rum... Light stuff you know :-P

Soon after that we finished up the apartment and cleaned some more, cooked soup and prepared two bowls of punch. The latter was sooooooo delicious! - Yes, I am of drinking age. :-P

I had to use a pot because I don't have enough big bowls yet :D

All that was left to do was getting dressed. The party was just what a party should be. We drank, laughed, talked, drank even more (Tequila and I have a very strong friendship.).

My outfit was rahter simple. A black skirt and top with this awesome leo print jacket! The hat is a present I got. I just put it on for the photo :D

Sunday was the day to get over our hangovers and for my dear friend to leave Berlin again. I even did a workout session at the gym after taking her to the bus station. Can you believe it?

In the end I feel that the coming year will bring so many exciting things! I'm already looking forward to our next party. Whenever that will be. 

C U Egos!
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