Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You Should Know You're Beautiful!

Hi Egos, it's time for some compliments! Yes, damn right! Every now and then you should tell yourself what an amazing person you are, how gorgeous you look and that your future is going to be amazing. At least that's what I do :D Like every single day :D
As I mentioned before I love taking photos of myself and true to my blog I cannot help but be proud of myself. I guess my ego is pretty well developed.

I just think that life is too short to waste it with unnceccessary insecurities. You're born with what you have and if you don't like it do something about it or accept it. There really is nothing else you can do about it.
It's cool that you're born with curly hair or that you're tiny, that you body shape is like that, that your brows look like that etc. There is no point in regretting things. Love yourself, love the way you look and become confident. If there are people trying to convice you otherwise: Ignore them. Who are they to critisize you?
Well that's all I wanted to say today. Friday is my birthday by the way :D
C U Egos!
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