Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Reason Why I Had to Shower 3 Times to be Completely Clean!

Hi Egos, if you thought I was mud wrestling you're not too far off! However I'm not that into wrestling and am more a party girl. 

Oh yes! In case you haven't noticed I like to party and as wildly as possible. I'm still looking for a couple more party people to dance the night away. (Please send your applications here xD)

Anyways this season seems to be filled with a new festival trend. Have you ever heard of Holi One festivals? There have been so many of them all over the country and especially here in Berlin. They're originally from India and look a little like this if well done:

So the concept is that you go there dressed in white. At the entrance you'll receive a few packages of colour and at some point (for us it was each hour) everybody throws their colour into the air at the same time. That leaves you covered in the colour you and the people around you just threw in the air. :D Hence the white clothing.

It really is such a mess but sooooooo much fun ;-) This moment when you stand in a crowd and all you see is just clouds of neon colour is an incredible feeling! Here are a couple of photos of us. 

See my eye make up? Could have gone without it... You'll see why :D

THAT'S why :D Who recognizes my Marilyn pose?

My sister, her friend and this random guy with the greatest attitude! Totally rocking that pink suit!

My first hipster glasses. They handed them out for free and our eyes really needed some protection from the powdery Holi colours.

This is what I had to wash off. This stuff sure sticks well to your skin. Dries out your hair nicely too...

In retrospect this whole festival was exactly my cup of tea! I've never been to a festival before and although most of them aren't like this I believe that this experience still counts. Music is so important! The first two hours were good but it would've bored me eventually since there were no lyrics. But then the DJs switched and the new one played exactly what I needed to hear. I'm glad I went and as with all parties it's the morning or minute after that you notice the bad things about your night :D 

On our way back home people were staring at us as if we were aliens. I've never attracted this much attention :D I guess I'll look a little like this when I paint the walls in my current apartment though. But that's still some time away.

C U Egos!
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