Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crashing a Corporate Party

Hi Egos, summer seems to be the busiest season of the year when in fact it should be filled with lazy days at the beach.
Lounging on top of the world!
However my energy is strong enough to keep up with all kinds of events. My company is in it's annual time of change. A lot of people quit (you can only quit every 3 months) and in fall there'll be even more people who join the company. Those who leave all have their own way of saying goodbye.

The scale of that goodbye depends on the length of their stay with the company and their income. The richer lot tends to throw some parties and those who don't have to care about money invite the whole branch (in Berlin that amounts to around 800 people).You can expect 90% no shows but then again it's still a party for around 80 people. Most of them don't even know the organizer. Like me. xD

Like  a boss.
I went to such a party :D As soon as I saw the invitation and the location I knew I was in. There are places you must have seen in your life. It would've been impolite not attend when I had received and invitation already, right? ;-)
I want to have something like that in my bathroom or corridor. So cool >.<
Keep them going!
Anyways the location was awesome! The food was okay, the liquor kept coming and the people were alright. I knew enough people to do some small talk and the later the evening got the more you got to know the drunk people. :D

It's dark outside but the party is still rolling :-P
Around 01:00 AM my sister and her friend joined the party and gosh were they rebellious! We all took photos it the photo booth, drank a bit more, lay on a bed at the tarrace. The view was incredible! Our behaviour sure was improper but most people were too drunk to notice by then. xD

Insert cheesy caption here...

Have you ever crashed a party? Let me know in the comments.
C U Egos!
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