Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Enemy of My Bikini-Body?!

Hi Egos! You all know how much I love ice cream (here, here and here, oh right and here). However there is another thing that I love sooooooooo much. It's incredible! Luckily I can control myself enough to not buy it daily. But who could deny themselves their favourite treat when it's on sale?!

By the way, I'm talking about After Eight chocolate. ;-)

Oh yes! The most royal type of chocolate you can even think of! To me this is the materialization of English tea time. Might be due to their marketing though :D

This is not the regular After Eight chocolate. It's a package of seasonal chocolates I believe. I usually am not overly fond of dark chocolate but in combination with the minty filling of the chocolates it's the best! I also like putting it in the fridge so that it's slightly cool.

Raise your hand if you could swallow a whole package of After Eight right now :D

Please also raise your hand if you take a moment before removing this paper. The anticipation before taking off this one last barrier between you and the chocolates is so intense! :D

I bet one or two of you will be off buying some chocolate after reading this :D

C U Egos!
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