Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EGOxperiment: Korean, Plastic Bagged Water Ice!

Hi Egos! I know a lot of you are waiting for the grand finale of the Magnum First Kiss series - so am I. However I couldn't find the last one anywhere yet. I'll keep searching of course! I might even contact Magnum directly and demand them to let me try that last one :D

While gathering all my patience for that last Kiss I accidently found something to sooth my growing impatience! This deliciousness is something I actually only knew from Korean dramas. 

Please ignore my bed hair... Yes I do eat water ice as breakfast :D

So as I mentioned before I'm a total ice cream/water ice addict. I like to experiment a lot and at some point I was through the assortment of all my local grocery stores. I started widening my horizon by giving Asian markets a chance. I've had some rather weird flavours but also others that I totally love. One of them is melon flavoured and I'll share it with you later too!

Anyways I wanted to buy that melon ice cream bar when I saw that they also had something orange. I didn't even check the flavour. I just bought it. :D

I can read korean and apparently this is called tank boy (litterally tenkee boi which is korenglish :D)

Well it turns out this ice cream isn't even similar to the melon flavoured one. For starters it isn't even ice cream but water ice which is good because it has less calories. :D  So this Korean water ice is  pear flavoured and tastes awesooooome! 

It comes in this little plastic bag and unlike other water ices doesn't lose flavour as you suck out the watery parts. =)

So you tear off the upper part and start sucking :D Sounds weird but is sooo delicious! If you can get your hands on one of these you totally should! It makes waiting for Magnum's last kiss so much more comfortable. ;-)

C U Egos!
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