Thursday, July 4, 2013

EGOtalk: Am I Becoming an Athletic Person?!

Hi Egos, as I mentioned before (here) the gym has been one of the few places I go to regularly - the others would be home and work :D
I've been hitting the gym for almost half a year now and since I've been working out earnestly there were bound to be reults. This is not supposed to be a bragging-post where I tell you how hard my abs have become. It's more of an objective analysis of my progress.
I tend to see results first on my legs which only makes sense considering how much cardio I do. I never use the cycling machine but always a crosstrainer or treadmill. So my legs have gotten slimmer and more muscular. I can jump and take stairs more easily. xD I think I need to watch out now because they might look like a man's legs otherwise!

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGross! That's not girly.. :D

My arms look more refined but also muscular. I don't really feel stronger but I just guess I am :D Again I don't think that women should look too muscular. Imagine wearing a dress like the one below with Vin Disel-like arms...
Source: Asos
A lot of people think that their back ache is a result of poor back muscles when in fact it's their abs that aren't developed enough. So in that department I can tell that I have less pain and my stomach has become flatter. Oh yeah!
That's me in a couple of months :D Source:


Can't say much about it. Guess it's getting slimmer with the rest of my body. =) I've been thinking about twirking a lot though :D It seems to be quite trendy nowaydays with the young folks! (says the 21-year-old...)


Well, well after all this talk about fitness and stuff I really should hit the gym tonight :D I love my leggings! They are sooooo elastic. Here's a recent photo of me trolling the gym!

Who is feeling motivated now? :D

C U Egos!

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