Sunday, July 21, 2013

EGOtalk: Expectation Vs. Reality - The Beach Edition!

Hi Egos! As you might have noticed by now I tend to expect certain things from people, things (hereand places. I think that having expectations isn't bad at all. To me it's an expression of confidence in yourself or something and an opportunity to grow should those expectations turn out wrong. 

I had to borrow this awesome dress because my pants were soaked!

So what triggered these deep thoughts of mine in the season of carefree vacations? Just that! My first trip that kicked off my vacation was not exactly what I had expected. The idea was to get in a car, drive to the Baltic sea, spend some quality time at the beach and head home in the evening. I've seen so many movies where people very spontaneously did these kinds of trips and had the mot amazing time! It seemed to be the perfect thing for young and cool people like us. ;-)

However it was a little different from what I had expected. First of all the car ride took almost twice as long than what we had expected. In my youthful thinking I hadn't realized that the roads would be packed, people would cause accidents and that a car meant for 4 people was very uncomfortable when 5 people sat in it :-D

You can only bear a 4 hour ride like this if you have awesome company - like I did :D Next up was our arrival at the beach. I didn't know there were so many people that could afford to go to the beach. I thought most people either stayed home or went to another country :D I really didn't think the beach would be this packed. o.O That wasn't exactly part of my vision.

 Well that wasn't really a problem though. More people to secretly look at. xD

Lastly there was a small thing that apparantly I had entirely forgotten: Your hair becomes a total mess when you swim in the sea :D I don't know who came up with the term "Beach hair" because you should just call it unbrushed hair. Whenever I'm in the water I just can't contain myself. I HAVE to go all in and splash around. :D So yeah my hair was in dire need of a brush.

All in all my expecations weren't met but it was a very nice day though! I had a lot of fun and it really was one of these things you do when you're young. So albeit it wasn't like the movies the general idea still met my expectations. You won't believe how often we thought we'd get busted for driving around in a car with too many people. My friend (who was driving) seriously could have lost her driver's license! It was such an adventure :D

Oh yeah, one last thing! In one of my former lives I must have been a dog because I love the feeling of wind blowing in my face!

C U Egos!
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