Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EGOutfit: I don't care about perfection-look

Hi Egos! Do you know these days when you only half heartedly care about your outfit because you're too tired or in a bad mood?

Well I had a day like that. I don't plan my outfit. So they entirely depend on my mood in the morning - believe me overdressed or underdressed should be my middle name. xD Anyways today I made it easy clothingwise because I put on a combination that I've worn a lot. I came up with this look on a creative day and liked it enough for occasions like today.

Makeup and hair aren't done at all. I thought a messy pony tail would do the job during these warm days.

Oh yeah and by the way  this is a look that I wore at work today. ;-) 

Yes, this is not a beauty shoot! It's a spontanous "this is what I'm truly wearing"-shoot! :D

Notice my tattoo? It's almost completely healed!

Love this necklace! It's so simple!

 Shoes! They have a pale salmon colour =) I love them because they are so comfortable and have rose golden studs!


And sooooooooooome craziness cause it's summer, I got free time and it makes me laugh :D

C U Egos!

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