Friday, July 19, 2013

EGOutfit: Ruby and Bling for Those Windy Summer Days!

Hi Egos, summer has been very interesting but not exactly vacation-esque so far. I had to work every single day. T_T However not anymore! This weeks was my last week of work before my 14 days of awesome vacation!

Flexible and strong willed person that I am I was able to add some free time to my schedule before my vacation though! I love parks and chilling outside. So whenever I can fit in some quality time with mother nature - if you want to call the parks in Berlin that - I do something relaxing.

Like yesterday for instance. I hung out at one of the many awesome places in Berlin and used the opportunity for an outfit shoot. So let's talk clothes, shall we?

I love this ruby coloured dress/long shirt.. Tall girls like me can only wear it as a shirt though...

 Probably my favourite pair of shoes! My sister actually picked them for me. I love the breeze on my feet :D

Le belt! I love that it's not typically golden but more of a rose colour.

I love my studs. It is such a nice contrast to that good girl image that I usually have. ;-)

Armcandy! Love these bracelets. The second one from left actually is a heirloom. It depicts some sort of ancient engraving. Wonder where my ancestors got that from :D

Now would I be me without some fun while shooting? :D

It was so nice in that outfit! It was summery but also warm enough in the morning. The change in temperatures is so bothersome. In the morning it's cold, during the day warmer and then again cold at night. Makes you think so practical... :D

My vacation officially starts Monday but to me it has already begun! In the next couple of days I'm going to share with you all the fun activities I've planned =)

C U Egos!
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