Monday, July 8, 2013

My New Apartment: Getting Inspired Everywhere!

Hi Egos, In three weeks we'll be moving to our new place. Can you believe it? Time sure as Ego flies by.... 

Anyways as D-day comes closer my mind thinks of all sorts of interior designs I could do in the new apartment. Since there already is a lot of designing done (colourwise and furniturewise) I can only do small things. I don't want to change that much but I do want the place to look like me. Therefore I need to add some Ego there!
Uhu... This is totally affordable in my situation... Not! :D Would suit my Ego though ;-)

My bedroom is the one place where I can do most! The walls are green (for some reason... don't ask me why...). The current tenants told us that colouring the walls was a hard job because the colour doesn't stick to the walls that well. So I'm keeping those green walls in mind.

Therefore my most recent trip to IKEA had two purposes: 1) chosing my new bed and 2) checking out some bedroom styles. :D 

Us doing the rolling-on-every-matresse thing you know from movies :D

Me checking out the tool to create your own virtual bedroom

This is the bed I chose after 2 hours of trying out each and every bed they offered. Of course it's the first one I jumped on. Isn't it always like this? You feel like that might be it but then there could be something better. So you check out all the possibilities just to stick to your first choice anyways :D

It's called BRUSALI. Lovely name, right?

This is as far as my decision making has gone. I want to have white furniture in my bedroom (no it's not a sign of the purity of my soul :D). However that's it. I need to start planning where we're going to put the furniture that we already have... Then I can decide on more things. =)

By the way it's been one of my goals to hang a huge picture of myself on my walls. However I need to do a separate shoot for that. Loving my myself... xD

C U Egos!
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