Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fitness Update: Why Do I Keep Doing This? - The Gym Classes Edition

Hi Egos, summer is approaching which means that there are some bikinis and dresses to rock. Now I won't be able to show much of my skin during the week since I'll be at the office but there are still enough opportunities in my free time to show off my progress!

I've been talking about my fitness progress and my routines but as all of you who regularly work out know: Routines start to lose their effect and get boring the longer you do them. Also I like to go out a lot and sometimes that conflicts with my Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday schedule. During these last weeks I went to take classes whenever I had time and was punished half the time for not being informed enough about that class. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I could make it until the end of the class but I can proudly say that I always made it! 

So today I want to go more into detail about my experiences with gym classes (I already talked about Zumba and Body Fit. I you want to read more about them click here.):

1. Energy step
This is one of my favourite classes. It's like aerobic with dancing. The teacher in my gym is kind of confused most of the times which makes it hard to follow the routine but at least that keeps my mind occupied.

Well I guess there are weird green splashes of water around me when I kick the air like that.

2. Body combat
If you ever want to see a bunch of aggressive women punching the air you should definitely check out this class. It's incredibly exhausting and the first time I went I thought I would collapse. Now there are only two parts in the routine we're currently doing where I feel like this I'm being tortured. 

Yeah right, as if I would smile when my legs feel like they're on fire.

3. Hot Iron
This course is for muscles and power. Ignorant as I was the first time I went I had no idea how much weight I should train with. It was a bit too much but I made it anyways. This class is no joke when it comes to training your muscles. The teacher likes to say things like "Keep lifting the weight because it hurts" or "Don't you enjoy the pain too?" haha... she is just so... funny. Really...

So this is close to reality... Just imagine more sweat, red faces and a bit more suffering in their eyes. xD

4. Energy Cycling
This one is the newest addition to my gym class experiences and triggered this whole article. I kind of guessed that we wouldn't be riding our bikes as if we were outside in the park. But what I did not expect was how much I would be out of breath and how hard it would be to keep pedalling. I'm sure I only did the light version of this course because half the time when the trainer said to increase the force with which we were pedalling I didn't do it. I hope I won't ever have to go again.

The sad thing about this whole fitness thing is that it's working and that I forget just how much torture the classes were once all of my sore muscles are gone. So I keep going back. Kind of masochistic, isn't it? I'm afraid energy cycling will happen to me again at some point... 

How are you staying in shape?

C U Egos!

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