Monday, May 12, 2014

EGOtorial: How To Survive Mondays!

Hi Egos, as mentioned before I was on vacation for a bit more than a week. It was a nice relaxing time that I mostly spent at home, at the gym and at the grocery store. It was exactly what I needed and just enough time to calm down but not enough - as always. :D

So now I'm back at work and let me tell you getting out of bed this morning was the hardest thing ever. How did I make it? Well here's how:
1. Focus on your goal
Right now I'm kind of waiting to be accepted into university. So until then I'm working and earning some money which will be enough to get me through 3 years of university. Thus, money is my main motivation right now. Sounds kind of lame but it's the truth. I knew this wouldn't be a dream job when I accepted it. But the people are nice and my salary is decent.

2. Just leave the bed
Once you've made it out of bed the hardest part is done. On your way to the bathroom you will regret this whole decision but give it 10 more minutes and a coffee for all the coffee drinkers out there and everything will seem less bad.
3. Count the days
It always helps me to check how long I have to endure it. By the time I've finally made it to work it's not that bad anymore but in the morning it helps to know that I only have to make it to the weekend or the next holiday and then I'll have a short break. Time flies by faster when you're working towards something.

 This one is real! I had that just a couple of weeks ago and it's so good that I might have had a second one :D
4. Treat yourself
I think I'll have a big fat waffle this Wednesday. It's the middle of the week and the hardest part will be over by then.
5. Be honest
I might sound all negative right now but at the end of the day it wasn't bad and I am grateful to have a job. My colleagues treat me really well and the work isn't too hard. Yes, the ride to work takes 40  minutes but that is Berlin. It would probably be the same if I worked somewhere else. There aren't many people my age who already earn their own money either. So if I'm being honest here I'm lucky to have a place that I can go to on Mondays.
We all struggle with Mondays every now and then but I really hope you guys take a second to remind yourself that there's a lot we should be grateful about. We have so many possibilities and opportunities ahead of us.
Have a great Monday!
C U Egos! 
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