Sunday, May 25, 2014

EGO eats: The Flavour of Summer!

Hi Egos, something really weird happened to me last week. It appears that with summer we not only change our wardrobe but our appetite as well. Usually that happens to me so gradually that I don't notice the difference in taste but last week it hit me in the worst moment possible.

I wanted to bake a cake with cream and raw cookie dough pieces on top. I made the cake but the minute I was done I realized that this cake was just too heavy for my taste. Can you believe how ironic this is? Don't get me wrong! The cake was delicious but my appetite was craving something else. Since pictures explain it better I shall show you what I'm craving this season :-D

The base for this cake was buttercream. Sounds extremely creamy and so it was. What I wanted was something that would melt though :D 

All these layers and the cake base itself turned this whole thing into a huge cake. It was as big as my hand. Finishing one piece was a challenge indeed. A light blueberry cake was what I would have liked in that moment. 

Oh well, what should I say? Summer starts for me with the first bite of watermelon. I eat as many of them as I can. Next to ice cream watermelon is such a must have. As much as I liked the cake it just wasn't that refreshing. 

Did I mention my love for watermelons?

How has summer changed your appetite? What is your must have snack during these hot days?

C U Egos!
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