Thursday, May 22, 2014

EGOtorial: How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

Hi Egos, I've never been a tooth freak. Yes, I notice them first whenever I meet someone. However I'm not too obsessed about cleaning them every few hours. In fact I always thought that brushing them was enough to keep them healthy. But now I know better...
These last two weeks I learned just how wrong I was. I lost a piece of a tooth and was immediately worried. I thought I've finally reached the age where you start losing your teeth and look like a granny. Of course, it wasn't that bad but here's what I learned from the experience:
1. Clean Your teeth properly
This is the least we should do. You don't need to brush your teeth after every meal but you should do it in the morning and before going to bed.
2. Use Dental Floss
Okay, so this is where the news started for me. I didn't know dental floss was this important. I thought you use it after eating steak or  something. But guess what? Whenever you eat there is always something that stays in between your teeth. You can't reach that area with a toothbrush. That's why you should start using dental floss every evening.
3. Protective Toothpaste
My dentist recommended using a special toothpaste that fights bacteria and also supports the enamel (which protects your teeth from bacteria as well as from heat and cold). You should use such a toothpase once a week in addition to your regular dental routine.
4. Get a competent dentist
This is the most important rule of all if you ask me. These last two weeks I could see the difference between someone who wants the salary of a dentist but has no skills or interest in his patients and then I switched to a dentist who was thorough. I now have two more appointments at the dentists so that she and I can fix my teeth. I mean I'm way to young to start losing them already.
5. Smile
Taking care of your teeth is a bit of work but if you have healthy teeth smile and show them to the world. You might loose them eventually. So make the best of what you've got now :D
I hope this post helped you and that you can smile with healthy teeth for a long time because I certainly will!
C U Egos!

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