Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adventure Time - My Trip To The Baltic Sea!

Hi Egos, last week I told you about my trip and then I shared an outfit of the dress I wore but today I want to tell you more about what I actually DID there.

Guess which one is mine?
First of all: How did I get there? A longtime friend of ours (with ours I mean my sister and I) has a car! Yay! I know I'm still in that age where having a car is a luxury. So she drove us to the Baltic sea. It was a 3-hour-drive filled with music and singing along. I imaging that once I have a car I'll use it whenever I want to sing as loudly as possible :D
When we got to our apartment we were way too early. The cleaning lady was still at work so we couldn't check in. We knew that would happen so we just got our food bag, took a blanket and went to the beach. It was nice and sunny, a bit windy and cold as well. By then we were starving so we stuffed ourselves with the food I had made that morning.... and had some ice cream for dessert.
After goofing around at the beach we finally checked into our apartment. It was a lovely little place and exactly what I had expected. :-) Then we went back to the beach again - cause that's what you do when you drive 3 hours to the sea. You spend as much time at the ocean as possible.

We checked out the town and found a restaurant where we wanted to have dinner. Question: What would you eat if you had the chance to eat near the sea? Your answer might be fish. But that's not what we ate :D I'm not that big of a fish fan so I had steak, my sister had asparagus and our friend had meat sticks! Why go for the obvious when you can eat something that you'll find in every other restaurant too? :D
 My mouth gets all watery when I see this picture again...
The day slowly came to an end but before we went to bed we took some time to chill at the sauna of the apartment complex. Oh yeah! A sauna all to ourselves. It was way too hot and after two 10 minute rounds we were ready to call it a day!
The next morning we had breakfast outside which ended by a quick episode of me screaming and running in panic away from a ginormous bumble-bee because I thought I had angered it and now it was after my life. Yes, I'm a child of cities and nature isn't my friend most of the time... The beach took away what was left of my anxiety though.

 Harmonic breakfast BEFORE the bumble-bee...
Once we felt like we were done with the town we packed our things and returned to Berlin.

I hope you're also planning a vacation in the near future!

C U Egos!
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