Sunday, April 6, 2014

EGOtalk: Snap Out Of Your Grudges!

Hi Egos, how are you? I hope your weekend wasn't as turbulent as mine :D But little adventures happen when you're out having fun - as you should in this awesome weather!

I've realised something at work and wanted to share that with you guys! As life is a constant journey you encounter people that you really like but also some that you wish you'd never met.  There are also those who you actually just don't care about. Unless they do something stupid.

In my new position I had to switch offices and got a new colleague to share the room with. She is way older than me, not that nice to look at and quite frankly imcompetent. I'm amazed she still has her job. Usually that wouldn't be a problem. I think that her work performance has nothing to do with me. I just want to concentrate on working as best as I can no matter what's going on at her desk.

However her constant complaining and little habbits that you naturally notice during a 40-hour-week have taken their toll on me. I'm not patient enough for her nervous ticks. So I talked to her about it and received the answer "I know these habbits are bad but that's the way I am". Thank you for that. I really see an effort on your part to make this thing work out between us.

So yeah, I got mad and didn't want to talk to her or ever look at her face again. Is that the mature thing to do? I don't know but it was safer  for her because I wouldn't have been able to control my temper. It gave me some satisfaction to ignore her.

Yes, I officially have a grudge against this woman. However a colleague of mine pointed out all the reasons why this behaviour of mine was completely unprofessional. That woman needs to be able to replace me should I be on vacation or ill. She needs to at least know the basics. I know she was totally right but why do I have to give in? She gets to do all her crazy stuff and I need to sit still?! Not gonna happen in the long run.

In the short run I will try to make this work though. I'm the better person and I can't let my great reputation get ruined by people finding out how much I despise that woman. Also my contract ends in 6 months and I hope that I won't have to see her very often after that. 

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So I guess the lesson I learned this week is to snap out of your grudges - at least at work - because unless they motivate you to excell they will only hold you back. It's not an easy thing to do but it's an important skill to have.

C U Egos!

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