Thursday, April 17, 2014

My New Apartment: Walk-In Closet Inspo

Hi Egos, after finally making some room in my walk-in closet I can now start decorating and reorganizing everything in there. You could say that the fun part starts now.

I'm a huge planner. The part where I look forward to something is usually my favourite part of the whole thing altogether :D So let's do some planning together, shall we?
The most important part is shoes! Right now I have them all in a closet but I'm thinking of using the closet space for clothes only so that I don't need the closet in my bedroom anymore. Hence I need to find a different way to store my shoes. This seems to be a pretty cool idea, don't you think?
Let's dream for a second! I wish my closet would look a little like this. All in black and white with a nice carpet and a chair to sit and think about what I want to put on.
Time to be real again :D I love how they used all the space they could get in this closed. This must have been custom made or something though. So maybe a lil out of my budget.

I've always wondered how these make-up tables could stay so clean and neat. I mean I'm all over the place with a couple of lipsticks, eye liner, poweder and stuff in the bathroom, at my night table and in the walk in closet. Granted I'm not the tidiest person but come on! Who has the time in the morning to clean about when you've barely had enough time to put on make up? I want a make up desk though :D
What do you think? Do you have a walk-in closet? Would you like one?
C U Egos!!

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