Friday, April 11, 2014

Clubs in Berlin

Hi Egos, by now you might have noticed how much I love dancing and how often I go out. Nothing makes me feel more alive than the bass running through my veins on a shadowy dancefloor (what a poet I am :D). Now as you can imagine clubs in Berlin are different from other cities. 

Berlin is the city of diversity. Everybody will find their spot here. Of course that also applies to clubs! There are 5 types of clubs to find and in this post I'll talk more about them! But be aware that thesee are my own opinions. You won't find these categories in any official lexicon. :D

The Mainstream Club
This club is for all the starters. Once you turn 16 you can legally go to some clubs. They will most likely be mainstream clubs as I like to call them. I call them that because they play pop music that you know from the radio. Everyone knows the songs and you can sing along a song at least 3 times in one night. They are fun clubs if you just want to dance, sing and have a good time. These clubs will usually have different floors where they play rock, electro, charts or black musik. (Exaamples are Soda or Fritz Club)

The Black Music Club
Shake ya booty! That's the most important rule in clubs like these. You have to be 18 for these clubs and all the other ones I'm talking about after this one.The girls are dressed sexily and errbody is dancing like in them music videos. (Trying to use some slang here :D) It's so much fun to twerk and dance like Beyonce. One time I danced so hard that my back hurt on my way home. I personally don't go to these that often. If I feel like dancing to black music I usually go to a mainstream club. (Examples are Tube or Cassiopeia)

The Chic Club
Be aware of the bouncer! These clubs are for people with money. Your style decides if you'll get in or not. You can expect the drinks to be expensive and the guys to be a bit older, tanned and ordering table service nonstop. You HAVE to wear heels in these clubs but I can't dance freely in them all night. So it's been a while since I last went to one. It does have a bit of a Sex and the City vibe to it though :D (Examples are Felix or 40 Seconds)

The Hipster/Underground Club
Right now these clubs are so trending! This whole hipster movement might have started it. I really like these clubs because it isn't about what you wear but how freely you dance and how long you can last. There are a couple of things to watch out for though: There are A LOT of people who do drugs there. You might even be offered some yourselves. Also don't look like a 16 year old who doesn't know anything. The bouncers can be tough too. Show them that you just want to have a good time. One last thing: Make sure to like these clubs on Facebook because they tend to close after a while and move to a different location. (Examples are the infamous Berghain or Ritter Butzke)

The Scene Club
There are clubs and parties for every minority here. If you like to go out dressed in black and leather from head to toe there's club for you. If you like to hang out with a lot of foreigners, gays, asian people, black people or whatever there are clubs for you. There are parties for people who do a lot of sport and combine workouts with dancing. Of course in summer you will find a lot of festivals that serve everyone. There are rock festivals and Holi festivals. Name it and you'll find it. (Examples are Kitkat or Franz club)

What are your favourite clubs? Have a nice weekend!

C U Egos!

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