Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EGOtorial: My Wishlist & Shopping Rules

Hi Egos, today I want to talk about something that some might call a flaw while others call it natural behaviour. Online shopping and shopping in general have brought out some interesting characteristics of mine. I love both equally and the sale season of both is quite dangerous for me. So I keep a mental wishlist and stick to certain shopping rules.

Dolce & Gabanna The One perfume, Michael Kors Iphone case for an Iphone I don't have :D, Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection bangle in rosegold (might never happen because it's way out of my league...), cut out boots for a reasonable price (just a matter of time), new nail stickers (the cheapest on this list :D)

I want the above with all of my heart but luckily there are my shopping rules to stop me from taking loans just to get all of them!

1. Wait 5 days! 
Okay it's not always only 5 days. It depends on how expensive the thing I want to buy is. I've waited 3-4 months before buying a new tablet pc because I didn't really need one. If you earn your own money you'll be excited first and will start saving up a bit. But once you've gotten used to the security of getting you salary each month you're in danger of spending it all too freely. Each purchase should be deliberated. Yes, you should treat yourself but don't forget if you've already done that. It's not treating yourself to something nice if you're doing it every week.

2. Compare & Research 
I can be such a penny pincher on the funniest things! Before I buy anything I compare prices. I check different shops (online shops tend to be cheaper but be aware of shipping costs). What I also do is look for coupons. You might find a coupon that gives you a 10 % discount if you're over a certain price. Just google the shop and the word "coupon" and I'm sure you'll find something.
3. Do you already have something like that?! 
The denim trend is way to dangerous for me. I already have 3 denim shirts (all different of course :D ) but let's be real here: I don't need 3 types of denim shirts and I also don't need more eventhough that amazing one that is so totally different from my other 3 denim shirts is on sale right now. No, I don't need it. Really.

4. What's more important? 
So let's say you've waited, researched and kind of need the thing you want to buy. There is one argument that tops all these other reasons to buy it: You need something else first. This is the reason why we have wishlists. You might want to get that cute bag or perfume or both BUT you need to buy something for school or for work or pay you insurance. Face the fact that you just can't afford it, put it on your wishlist and buy it as soon as you can afford it. Patience might be hard but you need to be practical.
5. Achieved Goals 
Sometimes when I don't really need something and it's unreasonable to buy because it's too expensive I set a goal. Once I've achieved that goal I will buy the thing and celebrate my achievement. Like this you can turn the negative side effects of spending unreasonably into a motivator that has a least some good side effects.

Do you have one of these rules too?

C U Egos!
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