Monday, December 9, 2013

EGOutfit: Sweatpants Are Trending!

Hi Egos, if you're also following some fashion blogs you'll have noticed that there's a new and very exciting trend. Apparently you can now wear sweatpants and are considered stylish :D

I totally love it! But for this look to work you have to contrast a bit too. So here's my take on the sweatpants style. I wanted to shoot it outside but it keeps raining and raining... I think my kitchen is actually quite fitting.

 I'm wearing sweatpants, oxblood red boots, a dark red shirt and a blazer to give it a bit of a business look.

 You know these shoes from this shoot too.

 This bun makes me look more strict which is a good contrast to the laziness my sweatpants would indicate otherwise :D

 I love this necklace. It hangs really low and has upgraded a lot of dresses and oversized tops. 

I heart ME-necklace. I think everyone should have one of these. 

Would you wear sweatpants outside? Do you own some? Tell me in the comments =)

C U Egos!
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