Tuesday, December 24, 2013

EGOutfit: Celebrating Christmas!

Hi Egos, I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve! I'm back in my hometown for two days. I think Christmas is a time that is both stressful but can also be a happy time. There usually are some fights between relatives, way more food than anyone can swallow and stories of your grandparents about the old times. At least that's what my family gatherings are like.

One thing I love about Christmas is the gift exchange. After careful planning and keeping secrets you finally get to see if what you picked was the right gift. However you can also see how good your relatives know you and if they were able to get the right thing for you too. It's a time full of expectations and surprises.


 I just love this necklace so much and it's perfect for a preppy look.

 My sister gave me this ring for Christmas. Giving her the perfect gift is my main priority each year!

 This bag is new. I love how intense this blue is. It also has a lot of sections so that I can keep all of my things seperate.

Outfitwise I didn't go too crazy with this look. I usually want to seem capable, responsible and ambitious when I go back to my hometown. I want them to know that I"ve got everything under control back in Berlin and that they don't have to worry. So I went for a more preppy look. Sweater and shirt on top and a jeans at the bottom. I want to try all the food but I really don't want to eat too much. The jeans fits a bit loosely but not too lose. Like that I will know where my limits are. :-D

How was your Christmas so far? Did your gift exchange go as planned?

C U Egos!
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