Sunday, December 15, 2013

EGOeats: What This Blog Has Made Me Do!

Hi Egos, New Year's Eve is approaching rapidly and with a new year one takes a look back at all the things that have happened. One thing that has made the biggest impact to my life is starting this blog.


I didn't know what I could expect from writing LYE because I don't know anyone else around me who has a similar blog. So saying that it's beyond what I expected would describe this situation quite well :D Blogging gives my life a bit of a structure and makes me experiment more though. I think more about my style, my activities and life in general (obligatory cheesy line :D).

Cookies Ice Cream

It also showed me another side of myself. I've never really thought about photography as something I would like to do. However my addiction to foodporn and baking has caught me completely by surprise. It's hard to eat something delicious without wanting to take photos of it :D Even if it's something that doesn't look delicious at first glance. 

oatmeal with apple sauce and honey

Do you also have the urge to take photos of your food? Tell me in the comments =)

C U Egos!
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