Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EGOutfit: Girl Next Door With A Twist!

Hi Egos, here comes another EGOutfit featuring a special guest: Sunlight! Can you believe it? There was sunshine outside! I just had to use this opportunity for an outfit post. Now unfortunately it was a bit windy and I was worried about my tripod. So full body shots where hard to get but let's check out the pictures first!

Pearls are one of these "nice girl" things... They are a symbol of pureness to me. Just like a girl next door.

 Simple make-up at first glance but this hint of purple on my lips as well as the cat eye make it stand out!

 I love this bag! My love for animal prints is seriously turning into a problem...

  Worried expression :D 

  This hint of sunlight in the back was such a blessing for my mind! It raised my mood so much!

One pair of my black boots :D

This one good and sunny day gave me enough energy to safely make it to Christmas. Then there will be enough parties to keep me going. Have you had some nicer days recently?

C U Egos!
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