Thursday, December 5, 2013

EGOtorial: How To Fight Colds!

Hi Egos, it's the annual season of cold weather and illness again. That's why I want to share a couple of things that I use and do whenever I am sick. Since I'm not a fan of medication I usually go for more effortless methods.

From my experience they aren't always the most pleasant things but they do the job. So here are my top 5 for fighting a cold.

1. The WILL to get better 
This is so crucial. If you don't want to get better you never will. I know a couple of people who often get sick because they don't enjoy their lives and don't have the will to lead a healthy life. Letting yourself down has proven to influence your health negatively.


2. Herbal Teas
You can find teas for all kinds of afflictions in pharmacies or drugstores. I tend to get a cold or cough in winter so that's why I usually buy a tea that's especially for colds or coughs. They taste okay and after a while you get used to the taste. You have to drink it 4 times a day which keeps your body warm and hydrated but the herbs also do their thing. I don't really know what they do but after 2-3 days of drinking them I'm so much better.

3. Keep Yourself Warm  
Apart from the teas you should also remember to dress warmly. Go for thicker socks, sweaters, coats and boots. It's better to sweat a little than to be freezing. If you can stay at home! Taking a break for 2-3 days is way better than fighting the cold over weeks.

4. Don't Go Partying 
I don't know about you guys but for me getting sick isn't just a state of being unwell. It's like I'm being punished. I get angry because I have to lie at home, feeling unwell and wasting my precious free time. I usually want to do something nice on my weekends. Dancing and touring around at night are part of that. So when I'm sick I have a hard time saying no to that but I have to! One night out will worsen my health so much.

5. If All Fails: Try Warm Black Beer 
Okay, remember how I said "not the most pleasant"? That's what I meant. It's super gross, it makes you want to get it all out again and you won't be able to drink more than half a bottle. However it's one of the most effective methods I've ever tried. It was like I sweated the illness out of my body right afterwards (sorry, if that sounds kind of gross :D). THE VERY NEXT day I was almost entirely healthy again. Such a miracle.


So I hope you guys stay healthy and don't need to follow these tips. But if you do catch a cold I hope you'll get better quickly. =)

C U Egos!
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