Friday, November 1, 2013

Zumba = Torture?!

Hi Egos, as you might remember I'm still working out. I always make sure to go 3 times a week to the gym. Going for 6 months makes the work out part of a routine which is good because it shows how much I've achieved a healthier lifestyle. However it also means that cardio and weights are sometimes not really tempting. Sometimes cardio seems to never end...


So two weeks ago I decided to just do a class. I happened to be there for a Zumba class. I also happened to be the only one in class who had never done Zumba before. I felt like I kind of was in an advanced course. :-D

I always thought Zumba was just dancing and twerking. Turns out I wasn't that wrong. I just underestimated the Aerobics part in it. The class was exhausting and challenging but I had so much fun! I love dancing to rap music, reggae and latin music.

Every time that I had to move my hips, jump and shake my butt I was totally into it! I went last weekend again and want to do it every week until I'm fit enough to not look like a tomato afterwards :D

So stay ambitious!

C U Egos!
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