Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My New Apartment: Things I like And Don't Like!

Hi Egos, as I promised I shall give you a quick update on what's been going on in my apartment. I've browsed lots of other blogs for interior design inspirations and DIY ideas that I want to use in some rooms. However with my exams today and tomorrow there was not time to realize them all. 

So here are a couple of things that I love about my apartment right now and some that still need some work or where I have some ideas in mind. =)


 I love this little mirror. I kind of think that it doesn't fit the rest of my bedroom but I have plans and want to have one of these rooms that mix different styles =)

 My kitchen cupboard! It's so much like me: It needs preparation and some organizing to be able to cook something utterly amazing :D

 I've started to decorate this door in the corridor. It was one of the first things I did to personalize our apartment. It did a lot to give me this feeling of "home".

 Haha well this is a cheating mirror. It kind of elongates my body. I always think my outfit looks great when I check it one last time. Feeling great in an outfit is half the rent!

 Still in love with this wallpaper.

 This penguin is hanging on my door and frightens me at night because it looks like someone is watching me! But it actually is the oldest thing in my possession. I've had it since I was 5 years. It's one of these hot-water bags to warm your belly. 

Lamps <3 I just loooooooove them all. Talking about animal prints and not getting enough of them... :D


My walk-in closet is far from being a walk in closet. I literally can't even walk to the window without stepping on something. It's definitely the first item on my to do list.

My bedroom wall is so empty! I really want to decorate it soon! I'm going to buy some picture frames and hang them. I'm still deciding whether to frame photos of myself or something more neutral :D

We need a shower curtain! 

Consider this post part of a before-after series because next time I will definitely have less dislikes on my list! Tomorrow after my exam I'll stop by a craftstore and get some supplies! 

C U Egos!
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