Friday, November 29, 2013

EGOtalk: Underestimating Yourself Is A Waste Of Energy!

Hi Egos, I successfully finished my two big exam days this week. I had three exams on Wednesday and two on Thursday. After all these weeks of anticipation and studying I really feel liberated. Now I have time to relax without getting a bad conscience and feeling like I should rather open another book.

After feeling liberated there also is a lot of excitment. I'm not sure when I will get my results but it will either be some days before Christmas or right after New Year's Eve. Not knowing when the time's up and what results I'll get is such a weird feeling.


Everyone who first reads the title of this blog will know this already but I'm not a fan of self-consciousness. When I'm sure that I did well I admit it. There's no "I hope it was enough." or "Yes, I could answer all the questions easily but I really don't know if I passed the test". Lines like those make me lose my patience. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts! That's what they're here for. 

Honestly what benefit do you get from lowering your own and other's expectations of you? Apart from losing opportunities and ruining your reputation it's also a very unlikable character trait. Raise your hand if you had a know-it-all in class that always acted like they failed a test just to be best in class anyways. 


My point is that hoping for the best is way better than expecting the worst. Time flies faster if you're looking forward to good news than to bad news. Even if you were hoping for better results and told people you would get an A when all you got was a B don't worry. We've all had tests where we felt we deserved a better grade but some moody teacher thought otherwise. So if you feel like you did well, say so, hope for the best and avoid sleepless nights, early tears and that awefull feeling in your guts.

Keeping that in mind I shall now celebrate the end of my exams and await the one letter that will confirm I was right about hoping for good results :D

C U Egos!
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