Sunday, November 10, 2013

EGOutfit: If Life Was A Movie...

Hi Egos, don't we all love movies? What makes them so great? Is it the captivating plot? The actors? Or just the happy -or sometimes not so happy- ending?

Sure the technique and style of movies fascinate me but let's be real here: Don't we also love how flawless people in movies look? Just think of those everyday looks that actresses have. Perfect wavy hair, designer clothes even when they're supposed to play someone poor. It's a pretty illusion that took several hours of preparation.

Anyways there is one scene in a lot of romantic movies that has always caught my attention. It's those mornings when the actress walks around in the guys flat, puts on his shirt and has flawless bed hair. I'm sure it's not just me who doesn't exactly look like that :D 

So for today's look I wanted to look like those women, put on an over-sized shirt, untidy hair and no-makeup makeup. What do you think? Does it look natural?

Oh and by the way: My bed is getting more and more comfortable the darker and colder it get's outside :D 

 C U Egos!
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