Wednesday, November 6, 2013

EGOutfit: Denim, Dark & Black

Hi Egos! As promised I shall now show you another EGOutfit! I shopped a bit and just couldn't help myself from buying these heels and the denim shirt.

Don't we all know it in our hearts when we really want something? I'm afraid it's that time again when my heart tells me to recklessly spend as much money on clothes as I can afford... Dangerous time indeed!

But let's focus on clothes, shall we?

 Okay, okay so I saw this denim shirt and thought it was too gorgeous to not buy it. Who cares that I already have three other denim shirts? None of them have see-through materials for their sleeves!

 You might remember this necklace. I've worn it before and I really love how chunky these spikes are!

Black leather boots. If I had to choose to wear only one shoe colour for the rest of my life I'd definitely choose black and leather as the material. Notice how clever it is to buy these shoes when winter is just around the corner...? :D
Alright guys, this is the first look this week! The next shall follow as usual =) What do you think about my outfit? Tell me in the comments.

C U Egos!
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