Sunday, November 24, 2013

EGOutfit: Take A Seat!

Hi Egos, I know I haven't updated you on my new apartment for a while but I've got something planned ;-) As a sneak peak I included this lovely chair that -although very pretty- is mainly used for my clothes :D Bad habits die hard I suppose.

Anyways the main topic shall be my outfit for this post. It's one of these looks that's all about the details. The accessories and the embellishment of the sweater make it stand out even though it's just a sweater, black pants and pumps. 

 I have a light shimmery brown on my eyelids and used some eyeliner to make my lashes look fuller. This look is all about the details really =)

 I'm telling you guys this chair is one of the most cozy ones I've ever sat on. 

 The leather embellishment on my shoulders is the reason why I had to buy this sweater!

 Rings! These are my favourites because they're so plain. The only difference is their size.

Love how this earring looks like fangs :D

Fun fact about me: This nail polish raises my mood whenever I look at it :D

That's it! The sweater keeps me super warm and the nail polish shall be my good luck charm for my final exams on Wednesday! Soooo excited (in a bad way of course!).

Have a nice week!

C U Egos!
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