Wednesday, October 16, 2013

EGOxperiment: Ice Cream Addict Reports Back!

Hi Egos, I'm thinking about changing the title of my EGOxperiments... I feel like the food is slowly taking over this blog :D So this time I tried to add some fashion. Can you recognize the item I used?


If you've gotten a watery mouth after looking at these pictures you're slowly starting to understand my obsession with ice cream, right? This ice cream was as delicious as the Toblerone one but I've got to be frank with you guys: You don't have to buy this to have awesome cookie pieces in your ice cream.

I know that every supermarket sells a cookies 'n' cream 500 ml cup that tastes almost the same and is half as expensive nowaydays. I think that I even prefer those low budget versions. ;-) Why spend a lot when you can get the same thing and save a bit of cash?

In case you're still looking for that fashion item I hid in these photos this should give you a hint.

C U Egos!

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