Sunday, October 13, 2013

EGOutfit: Be The Boss!

Hi Egos, fall has been getting better and better. There have been a couple of cold days but also very sunny and mild days that allowed me to breathe. I used this opportunity to sport a skirt-look that will definitely not be warm enough for winter. 

It's again a business-style look that unfortunately does not go well with my office's dress code. So once again I wish I could just put on whatever I wanted at work. I guess I just have to become my own boss and make the decisions. ;-)

I think adding a statement necklace over a shirt can be so subtle. It's more like an embellishment to the shirt instead of emphasizing the necklace.  

I love this coat. It is classy and has such awesome details. The gold buttons make this coat stand out on its own.

Considering the fact that I'm still young and full of plans for my future it really isn't such a far stretched idea. Who knows? In a couple of years I might be reporting as CEO and tell you all the crazy things I allow my employees to do :-D 

C U Egos!
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