Sunday, October 20, 2013

EGOutfit: Autumn's Fairytale!

Hi Egos, autumn kind of acts like me. Hot in one moment and cold in the next :D This past week was super cold and I wore my entire scarf collection but then all of a sudden we got a sunny and warm day. What better way to enjoy such weather than to take a stroll and do an outfit post?

I ironed my hair for this shoot because it makes it look that much longer. I really need to share some old photos with you guys so that you can see just how MUCH my hair has grown. =)

I love this little detail about the dress.

 This belt is such an all-rounder! It goes well with gold and rose gold  It's elastic so you can either put it around your waist or wear it on your hips.

 I've had this coat for about two years and still love it like the first time. It keeps me warm, goes so well with dresses and skirts and the gold buttons on it enhance the royal blue's effect. =)

 Say hello to my little leo earrings. I can even wear them in the office because they don't stick out too much. 

Quick tip: Invest in a good pair of thermal tights! They will keep you warm even in winter.
Aren't these heels just gorgeous? Simple, elegant, made in Italy. Did I mention that they were made in Italy? 

My partner in crime! We did this little shoot together.
 How awesome is this colour? Sporting a cat eye for this look =)

My knights in shining armor! Have you ever seen police men on horseback in your town? This was my first time.

So that's the look! I was so lucky to have a sunny day, find this awesome location and catch this incredible moment. I don't know how much longer those leaves will stay this incredibly red. It was so much fun and I heard that next week will be filled with warm days. Looking forward to that!

This week was super hectic but I've prepared a couple of posts for next week. So that I can get back to my two day schedule =)

C U Egos!

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