Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not So Gooey Chocolate Cakes - by Joy the Baker

Hi Egos, I didn't want to headline this post a fail because although it might not have turned out the way I pictured it the results were still incredibly delicious. 

But first things first! I've developed quite a passion for food photography and have been searching for things to capture in my camera. I've earned quite some negative feedback in a couple of bars and restaurants for taking photos - I totally hate that... Always kind of hurts to be told not to take photos... - which is why I had to get back to the basics.

When it comes to cooking and baking I'm really more of a baker. Apparently I haven't learned to appreciate salt and pepper yet :D To get some inspiration I chose a recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers, Joy the Baker. Her recipes are delicious and she always makes me laugh. So I went for her Gooey Chocolate Cakes Recipe.

I stuck to the recipe and looked up a couple of words to make sure I understood the instructions properly when suddenly I realized that I had not translated ounces and tablespoons correctly (quick reminder here: My first language is German xD). It wasn't to late to add a bit more here and there but I think that and the different temperature made these cakes less gooey than they were supposed to be. :-D

 At this moment I realized that the relation between chocolate and butter was not the way it usually is with these kinds of recipes. My experience paid out in that incident. :D

 I added the missing amounts and prepared the little cups with a hopeful heart! 

Not really gooey, right? But still oh-so-delicious! Soft texture and the taste of chocolate make one think they were supposed to be like that from the start :D

Click on the link to check out the original recipe! I'll give it another try later on and see if they turn out more gooey but if they don't I'll still be very satisfied!

Have you experienced different outcomes while baking yet? If so was it very bad? :D Do share in the comments below. 

C U Egos!
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