Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update + OMG That's So Cute!

Hi Egos, my vacation is finally over. I've gone out a lot and even gone on a trip with my sister back to our hometown. This time we spent a whole day with our brother outside for some quality sibling time.

My twin sister and our brother.

 Paparazzi photos. Isn't it cute how tiny he is? :D
 The ultimate cuteness punch. There is something about missing teeth and children that just makes one go all "awwwwww"

We had so much fun. As the older siblings we bought him ice cream, junk food and played with him. We also went to visit our grandmother and great-grandmother. I wore rosegold that day. Seriously rosegold has become my favourite metal. It goes well with silver and gold but on it's own it's even more gorgeous.

On a side note: I noticed that I've already written over 100 posts. This all happened faster than I ever imagined. Thanks to everyone who has followed the LYE ride so far!

Tomorrow I'll be back at work and at my usual schedule. =)

C U Egos!
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