Thursday, October 24, 2013

EGOtalk: No Need To Lie About It!

Hi Egos, my daily amount of words is probably already used up but who cares? I still have some things left to say. ;-)


I want to talk about an issue which I've noticed a while ago. I've been thinking a lot about honesty. Sometimes it's better to use a white lie than honesty. In those cases you usually want to protect yourself or someone else from getting hurt. However I think that in general honesty will always pay out. Yes, this sounds kind of upright and like a rule to being a better person from a self-help book but that's not why I believe in it. 

Honesty might get you in trouble first but let's think about the long run. Let's say you like Justin Bieber (which I actually do xD) and you want to make new friends that happen to dislike him strongly. Raise your hand if your instinct tells you to lie about liking him. Arm raised? Okay then let's continue this train of thought: You lie about it and then what? You lie about the next conflicting opinion again? Lying will become a habit in that case and what started out as a small lie will make you pretend to be someone who actually isn't the real you.

However let's say we go back to the start and say that you did confess to liking him. The worst that can happen is that they think you're uncool and won't bother hanging out with you again. The best that can happen is that they laugh about that and crack a joke but immediately accept the fact that you have your own opinions. The former shows that those people aren't worth your time and the latter could be the beginning of a strong and very healthy friendship.
It takes courage to break this pattern but if you do it will be incredibly rewarding. At work I had the choice between getting an open-end-job or not getting one at all after my current training. I said that I really wanted to go to university and that it was insincere to take away the job from someone else if I was going to quit after 8 months anyway. So it looked like I wouldn't get a job at all. My colleagues accepted that and supported my decision. I had gained their trust because they knew I wasn't just in for the money and suddenly they got me a job offer that was limited so that I could go to university AND have a job. I was honest in the first place, faced the consequences and it still worked out. In fact I'm so relieved that I could be exactly who I really am.

Tha harsh truth!

Caring about what other people think about you is important but you shouldn't prioritize it. Your own happiness comes first and don't be ashamed of the things that make you happy.

Have you guys turned down something good because it wasn't the right thing for you? Have you regretted it afterwards?

C U Egos!
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