Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EGOtalk: Yes, I Do Need A Third Pair Of Black Boots!

Hi Egos, I think I had the most female moment ever today. I wanted to quickly get pizza for my sister and me when I realized that I have worn the same pair of shoes for two weeks now. I did what every woman with a full shoe closet does: Thought I didn't have anything else to put on but went to take a look anyway.

As I stood in front of my closet I noticed these three pairs of shoes:

While men might not be able to tell the difference between these three I clearly know why I bought them. In my defense I can say that I didn't buy them all at once. It happened over the course of more than a year. I think that's alright, isn't it? :D 

 This is the warm, weather friendly pair of boots. I wore it even on snowy days in winter last year.

 This is the chunky pair that is perfect for cool looks. With a thick pair of socks I can also wear them in winter. They won't have me slip too.

This is my latest addition. It is much more elegant and simple compared to the first two. I won't be able to wear them in winter because they are too thin and I'd probably slip but right now I like them best :D

I admit that with my current job and my prospects I have developed quite an addiction for shoes. If this isn't living the cliché than I don't know what is. Could be worse though :D

C U Egos!
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