Sunday, September 29, 2013

EGOutfit: Everything That Is Trendy In One Outfit - Fall Edition!

Hi Egos, it's fall and I've finally embraced the cold weather. After struggling for quite some time my mind has accepted that colder days are inevitable (raise your hand if you're thinking of Mr. Smith from Matrix :D).

One reason why I adapted so quickly - yes taking 3 weeks to get used to having no warm days anymore is quick :D - was the fact that the sun is still around. You need to put on more clothes but feeling the warmth of the sun makes it more bearable. 

I'm wearing a blue sweater (blue is my faourite colour when it comes to clothing), with black stockings, overknee socks and a mini skirt, my boots from before, a chain around my neck and thick bracelets.

 Walking towards the sun!

 Overknee socks have become a basic for every woman's closet. They keep you warm and can be paired with a mini dress, skirt or shorts. I'm not sure if you can wear them in an elegant way but they always make for a cool look. =)

 If you want to look bolder but not too extravagant thick necklaces are exactly your thing. 

 To me silver is always my fall material. In summer and winter I prefer gold and in sping everything that's colourful. However fall should be dominated by silver especially since it goes so well with leather jackets :D

 This season sweaters with zippers are sooooooooooo trending! They don't stick out too much but instantly upgrade your outfit. I think we'll be able to see a lot of DIYs for this one. =)

 Earcuffs are still going strong. I recently got this one in a set of 4. It's a tiger head. 

This outfit isn't just stylish but it's also very appropriate for windy days. I was able to test that today. As much as I love light fabric when it comes to wind I'm always afraid of revealing something that I don't want to in public :D But everything stayed in place and I felt secure.

C U Egos!
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