Tuesday, September 17, 2013

EGOtalk: How To Be An Exciting Person!

Hi Egos! It has been a long while since I've taught you something right? Today I shall present you a tutorial that might add some spice to your current lifestyle :D Please don't mind my writing skills as there is a child  below my apartment that has been crying for days now and is giving it's grand finale this very moment - at least I hope that this will be the end... It's really annoying me... :-(

Anyways let's focus on ourselves and our EGO!

Step 1: Dress Up!

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From my EGOutfits you might have guessed that I pay attention to the way I look. I want to stay fashionable, find my own style and express myself. In fashion there might be this one big trend but there are so many ways to combine that one trend with your own style. I really like to dress inappropriately from time to time. I would put on my highest heels for grocery shopping, put on make-up on my way to the gym or put on unique patterns and colours for gatherings. This isn't just about sticking out. It's about your own mood. Feeling a certain way and dressing accordingly is the most liberating thing for me. =)

Step 2: Be Brave!

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Now I'm not telling you to jump from a bridge in a lake or something. That would be dump and life-threatening. No, I'm talking about everyday situations where you have to choose between risking something or keeping quiet. You can start with small things like being spontaneous. Say yes to the first offer you get and see what happens. It helps you grow as a person but also teaches you how to rely on your own strengths in every situation. 

Step 3: Be Real!

We all know those fake people that will always agree with you just to go behind your back anyways. I don't like them and try to avoid them as much as I can. You might get into fights like that and you might be afraid of being lonely but I'd much rather have one good friend than 3 that will stab my back. In return you should also try to be as honest to them. If you disagree, say so. If you don't want company right now, say so. If you think your friend is making a mistake tell them. That's how you keep those real friends around.

Step 4: Be Ambitious!

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If you're thinking that you're not good enough for that job, sport or whatever stop that thought right there. There is always a way. If you're patient, hard working and willing enough you will achieve your goal. I know that this might sound so cliché but it's true. I've had my doubts about finding a cool place to live because seriously there was no way I could influence the real estate market on my own. But I kept searching and applying for apartments - which is a desaster in Berlin... so many competitors - and in the end I got my new apartment!

Step 5: Do It!

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Not everyone wants to be a celebrity or super rich. Some might want to live in a house and have a family, others want to build a career and some might not even know what they want. All of that is fine. The most important part is to always do what you want. "Follow your heart" isn't what I mean. Follow your instincts would be more fitting.

If you live like that you won't have to regret anything and will live a life filled with exciting and memorable moments!

I know this one has turned out rather long... But so be it. The child has also stopped crying...

C U Egos!
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