Sunday, September 8, 2013

EGOutfit: The "A Hot Mess" - Look!

Hi Egos, as you all know I've been sick for a couple of days already. The first two days are usually spent with self-pity but then I'm back in the game and plan for things I want to do as soon as I'm better.

I bought new make up, a bag that I will share later with you and printed shorts (very clever considering that summer has come to an end already... :D). As soon as I got it I had to put on some make up and the shorts. In addition to my condition I call this look "A Hot Mess". 

 The flower print trend has finally gotten to me :D 

And her comes a full body shoot. I'm wearing a black sweater from forever 21 because it's getting colder, a black blazer from H&M, shorts and heels from JustFab

 This necklace is from a local shop that hand makes their jewelry.

Chunky armcandy. It actually changes colour depending on the light.

 Don't know what's wrong with my hair in this photo. xD It kind of looks reddish here... Anyways love the pointy shoulders of this blazer =)

I don't even know how old this bag is. I got it from my grandma and it has the perfect size for a night out. 

 Make up. It's a soft smokey eye which is perfect for day-to-night kind of activities. ;-)

Well that's the look. Shorts and black tops, hair that hasn't been made into some special hairdo (quite the opposite! Unbrushed hair would be perfect for this!) and selected accessories that have a lot of impact. The only thing you should add is a carefree attitude and you're good to go :D

My cold has gotten a lot better. So I'll be sharing more outdoor activities soon.

C U Egos!
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