Friday, January 24, 2014

Places I Want To Go To When I Grow Up

Hi Egos, when it's too cold to go outside and the wanderlust comes over you it helps to think of all the places that you would like to see. Since I am a fan of making lists I usually write all those places down in hopes of going there for real some time.

One of those places is this hotel in Singapore. I mean come on! You get so swim so close to the edge that its as if you're floatingg through the air. Let's also ignore the fact that there probably is a lot of smog there :D A girl has got to have some big dreams.

 I also want to climb up the hills and get as close to this hollywood sign as possible. It's one of these things that totally inspire me whenever I see it on TV. 

Okay, so I know I'm not being incredibly creative here but I totally want to see New Zealand. And yes, just because I saw The Lord of the Rings. :D

This is Seoul, capital of South Korea. I so want to go there too. I mean have you ever had Korean beef? No? Then that's what you should eat asap! That dish made me order beef everywhere I went for a month just to realise that there is no substitute.

What are some of the places you definitely want to see?

C U Egos!!
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