Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make-Up Artist FAIL - The Panda Face!

Hi Egos, I'm not easy to satisfy every now and then. There are times when my mood is so bad that I walk around like an angry canon ready to get real nasty. However there are also many times when I'm the most open minded person. 

Like yesterday when I went make-up shopping in Berlin. I was high-spirited enough to let the make up artist put on some eye shadow. I admit she hard it hard as she was at least 3 inches tinier than me. But take a look yourself and see what look she created. :D

I look like a PANDA! I guess she thought it was a smokey eye or something... Just not working. On a side note: I bought these awesome nail stickers that are supposed to last 2 weeks. They might grow out before that though.

All in all my friend and I just laughed about it. It was a fun girl's day. But I do wonder about how easy it appears to be to become a make up artist...

C U Egos!
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