Sunday, January 19, 2014

EGOtorial: How to say "So What?!"

Hi Egos, it's been a while since my last EGOtorial and life has been really good. However considering your life to be good or just being content with what you've got is a result of your mentality. How do you see yourself and others? What do you expect in life? And most of all: How easily can you be hurt? We all know that life can be harsh and people are capable of saying and doing cruel things. However once you've managed to not let them get to you you'll be able to say "so what?" and go on with your life.

Here are some tips that help me brush off hurtful words in an instant.


1. Who are you?
I can't stress this enough. Know yourself! Of course will you not know everything about yourself as life is a journey and every experience changes us but at least think about what you like, what your opinions are, what you want to achieve, what you value and so on. If you know that you'd choose friends over money then a comment on you being poor won't hurt you. You just have different aspirations.

2. Who are they?
Who are they to talk to you that way anyways? Do you even care about their opinion? Let's face it: Being hurt by a comment of someone you don't even care about sounds ridiculus. Now go back and think about how often that happened to you though. See? It's time to stop that.

3. Did you understand the situation?
I have the weirdest sense of humor and take things seriously that others can clearly identify as a joke. I might even be offended until I realize it was all just a joke. Now that might not be the case in your experience but there are other examples. Like when someone tells you your voice was really loud. You think they're telling you to be quiet when they actually wanted to compliment you on the strength in your voice.

4. Are they right?
Feedback can be tough. Nobody really likes to be criticized. We all want to hear that what we're doing is the right thing. However when you're making mistakes would you rather keep on doing them? Or would you like to overcome and get over them? The second option takes courage and strength but it will totally pay off!

5. Does it change anything?
Okay, so they might be right. Could happen. However would thinking about their words or correcting your behaviour change anything? Would doing it in a different way get their approval? Or would you just annoy someone else? Once again: Use your time on something more entertaining and rewarding than those words. Seriously. Some things are just a matter of opinion and if all fails your own opinion should always be the right one :D

So with these 5 tips I've managed to lead a pretty happy life these past weeks. I went out, offended a few people along the way, received some unnecessary and completely unwanted criticism and just did my thing. Have a great week!

C U Egos!
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