Sunday, January 12, 2014

My New Apartment: The Feeling Of Home!

Hi Egos, when it comes to my feelings it really takes a while for me to open up. I need the feeling of security and reliability to develop a connection. So when we moved to our new apartment it felt like we moved to someone else's place. The tenants before us had done so much and left so much furniture that I couldn't find a piece of me here.

The first thing that welcomes you at the door...

Gradually with each new piece of furniture or photo on the wall this place felt like it was my own. However the big change, the real feeling of home, started when I bought the following items.

 I always thought that curtains were for old people but they aren't! They are great for keeping the sun from blinding my eyes and unwanted eyes outside.

 This set of plates makes me feel like a grown up. Instead of our mixed plates we now have a set that belongs together and still has 6 pieces of each size :D

This is one step that helped organize some of my necklaces and make the walk in closet a place I want to go in every day =)

I've made enough changes in our apartment and lived here long enough to finally feel like this is my home. I don't feel uncomfortable calling it that way anymore. Of course this is a project without end but for now I've reached a milestone!

How long does it take you to feel comfortable somewhere?

C U Egos!
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