Sunday, January 5, 2014

My New Apartment: Flaws That You Notice Too Late

Hi Egos, those of you who already have their own place will know exactly what I'm talking about. However for those of you who still have to move out for the first time this post might provide some usefull advice.

source: tumblr

When looking for an apartment there are some flaws that you can immediately see. Stains on your wall? Mold in the corners? A weird smell in a room? Those things are easy to spot and can influene your decision to rent immediately. 

But what about those flaws that you only notice once you life in the place? In my last apartment I noticed how important it is to have a window in every room. Windows help you circulate the air and avoid mold but they also give precious daylight.. It helps when you clean the apartment or when you want to take picures. I prefer daylight to any other light.


In this apartment I recently noticed that some of the things we took over from the tenants before us have gone through quite some damage. Up until today I don't dare to look behind my oven. I feel like I should check if everything is alright but if there is something wrong it could become a major problem and I'm not prepared for that yet.

Another thing is that the windows are fogged recently. I'm not sure if that's normal or not but it means that I have to regularly clean them.

These flaws are what makes living in your own place so challenging. You get to learn about having a household, managing finances and doing some minor repairs here and there. Most of the time it's troublesome but if you've overcome those things you deserve to be proud of yourrself and are one step closer to being an adult. Besides all that goes wrong with your first place prepares you for the second one and so on. One day we will be ready for those fancy places that will become our proper home.


C U Egos!
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