Sunday, July 6, 2014

New York Adventure: We're Here!

Hi Egos, as mentioned last time I'm now on vacation in New York! I'm so thrilled and had so much to do that blogging was left behind. Sorry about that! But now I'm back with some photos and an update =)

So we arrived on Thursday, got to the apartment and went straight to Times Square. As some of you might know the weather wasn't too friendly that day. Even though we had an umbrella we still got wet from head to toe! There were so many puddles that I could've just gone barefoot and I would have been dryer :D 

This is one of the few moments before the apocalyptic rain!

The next day was a little bit better but still rainy. We made it to the first half of the Germany vs. France football game before we had to find shelter in a couple of stores like forever 21, H&M an outlet and so on. It was hard... Really hard! We were basically forced to buy clothes. I got this awesome Steve Madden bag and still cannot believe it!

However on Sunday we were greeted by a cloudless, perfect sky which is why we decided to get some bikes and ride them in Central park. It was so nice and relaxing but also quite a workout. There are some steep hills there! People in New York also seem to take their workout seriously. There were so many sporty people :D

We went to a couple of bars and restaurants too! Berlin has so many different restaurants and you can get food from numerous countries but New York tops that. We went to the Crazy Indian and at first glance you know why they call him that.

So today we're off to see some more of this awesome city. I'll keep you posted!

C U Egos!

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