Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Instagram in June!

Hi Egos,  as you know I've just come back from my trip to New York and let me tell you: I've been missed :D Work as well as my private life have gotten me back to my usual daily life.

 The dog I fell in love with in Rockaway Beach...

Last week was a bit harsh because sleeping didn't go too well but this week I'm full of energy and ready to take on some new projects! One of them will be revealed soon! So stay tuned!
Anyways I know I've been shockingly MIA and I'm sorry for that but all of this possible change around me makes it hard for me to focus. One of these days I'll get an email informing me whether or not I've made it into University. Those of you who've been through that know how distracting that can be :-D
So for those of you who'd like to get a lil update in between check out my instagram! I'm uploading it whenever there's something cool or nice happening.
Here are some of my recent gramms:
Current read... not sure if I get the hype but I'm not at the end yet :D
Current nail design. I just love nail stickers. It's real true love!
Yesterday's afternoon treat!
Alright guys, this was just a quick update, a sign that I'm still alive and blogging and that I've planned some great new posts.
C U Egos!
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